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How Much Storage Space Do You Need In Your Kitchen?

How do you really determine how much storage space your kitchen needs? Here are seven things to take into account.

The kitchen is indeed the heart of the home. It’s where you and your loved ones bond over creating and sharing meals and snacks. And it’s no surprise why many homeowners spend much of their resources just to make it perfect for their preference and lifestyle. While choosing and buying kitchen units online is important in safely procuring essential kitchen facilities and tools, one of the key elements of a functional kitchen is adequate storage space.
So, how do you really determine how much storage space your kitchen needs? Here are seven things to take into account:

Consider your family’s needs and lifestyle. When you design your kitchen or buy kitchen units online, you have to think of your household first. If you have a bigger family, logic dictates that you’d need more space. If you’re the type of household who loves to eat home-cooked meals or baked goodies, then you’d need more space to accommodate cooking and baking gear and supplies.

Know what you can afford. Whether you’re building your kitchen from scratch or renovating an existing one, you always have to plan with a realistic budget in mind. Assess your financial capacity and based on that, create a strategy on how you will arrive at smart storage solutions.

Be realistic with your options. Does your space allow a kitchen island? Do you prefer traditional shelving, open shelving, or a combination of the two? Again, as stated above, you have to be honest with your options and make sure that your budget can help transform your vision into reality.

Take an inventory of your belongings. You can’t fully know how much storage space you’d need unless you have a proper inventory of what you’d need to store. So make sure to accomplish this task before designing your storage solutions (you should also include the belongings or kitchen units online you’re yet to buy).

Maximise your kitchen area. Think of your kitchen as one big storage unit. Every inch matters — you should maximise them and turn even awkward or seemingly idle spaces into a functional one.

Categorise storage space based on function. The general rule of thumb is: You should store the items that you use together. A good way to categorise your kitchen belongings is by grouping items that are consumables, non-consumables, used for preparation, cooking, and cleaning.

Discuss your needs with a kitchen designer. Kitchen experts recommend following a certain standard size for the so-called shelf frontage (or the figure you get when you multiply cabinet width, depth, and number of shelves and drawers). To make sure that your storage space is suitable for your kitchen layout and household needs, it’s best to consult and discuss your vision and objectives with a reputable kitchen designer.

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