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Gleek diagramming tool releases new version with lightning-fast shape generation

The popular online diagramming tool, Gleek.io, has just released a major upgrade. The layout engine is now 75% faster at generating diagram shapes.

Prague – Gleek.io, the freemium text-to-diagram tool developed by Blocshop, introduces version 2.0. Major improvements include a new layout engine (based on Mermaid), a new option to save diagrams as an SVG image, and an option to fit the diagram into the screen window (without using a scrollbar).
Users of the previous version do not need to worry, as all old diagrams created in Gleek.io will work perfectly, with only minor changes in the look-and-feel of the shapes and the connection lines.

Unlike drag-and-drop diagramming tools, such as Lucidchart, Gliffy, and Visio, Gleek.io uses its own unique code syntax to generate the diagrams. Gleek.io is designed to be used during software planning meetings and live collaboration, so it is vital that diagrams can be created quickly.

“We tried using Viso, diagrams.net, and LucidCharts. Sure, it’s possible to create a software diagram using any of these tools. But to us, the support in those tools for developers always made us feel like an afterthought.” says Gregory Crawley, the founder of Blocshop, the company that developed the Gleek.io application. “In our experience, developers want to write code, not draw diagrams.”

There are three main milestones in the roadmap plan yet to be released in Q4 2020. First, the company plans to add shapes for sequence diagrams. Second, the application currently supports entity-relationship diagrams, but new notation formats will be added. Finally, a new template gallery with even more diagram examples will be completed.

About Gleek.io: The Gleek.io diagramming tool was released in 2019 to satisfy demand for diagrams created using code. Gleek is free to use and currently supports informal, UML object, class, and entity-relationship diagrams.

About Blocshop: Blocshop has been delivering great software remotely since 2012. All of our projects are guided by certified agile practitioners at no cost to our clients. We believe that agile methods help us protect our engagements and deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Website: https://www.gleek.io