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MOCA Toronto Completes $25 Million Capital Campaign

The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA) today announced that it has received the Museum’s most significant show of private sector support to date—$5.7 million—from Castlepoint Auto BLDG Inc. (Castlepoint), MOCA’s landlord. The extraordinary contribution completes the Museum’s $25 million Tomorrow of Contemporary Art (TOCA) capital campaign launched in 2017. “This outstanding and timely support from Castlepoint is highly impactful when many cultural organizations, including MOCA, are engaged in urgent discussions about programming and operational sustainability due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic effects,” said Board Chair Brad Keast. “Castlepoint’s contribution towards the TOCA campaign—to retire a capital loan for the construction of MOCA—allows the Museum to fully engage in its current and future programme planning and operational fundraising.”

The goal of TOCA was to raise funds for the required capital improvements of the Museum’s current home in the Automotive Building at 158 Sterling Road and to support operations in the new building. The campaign attracted private sector and government support enabling MOCA to work with Castlepoint to repurpose and retrofit the space it occupies in the historic facility.

About MOCA Toronto

MOCA Toronto is motivated by the principle that museums and their programmes are culturally and socially beneficial to the diversity of the communities they serve. MOCA supports and promotes forward-thinking artistic experimentation and provides a community space for enrichment, discourse, collaboration and creativity. Working across all contemporary art forms, MOCA’s programmes empower local artists and engage the Toronto art scene while contributing to the international art community and scholarship.

MOCA is a not-for-profit charitable organization. The evolution of the Museum is made possible through a unique alliance with Castlepoint Auto Building Inc, public sector funders, private donors, members, sponsors and a network of cross-sectoral partners.

About Castlepoint Auto BLDG Inc.

Castlepoint Auto BLDG Inc. is part of the Castlepoint Group. Founded in 1988, Castlepoint is a leader in the property development industry recognized for projects across the Greater Toronto Area and select markets in the United States. It is a values based company with expertise in heritage preservation, adaptive re-use, brownfield reclamation, and the regeneration of large urban development sites.

Website: https://moca.ca/