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Just Publicity PR News and Information

Black River Property Advisors Helps Brokerages and Property Managers make Sales

Black River Property Advisors, dubbed BRPA started with “Basically Nothing,” when it was formed in October 2021, says the president, Matthew Price. Since then, the numbers of companies and individuals who have called or messaged us for our services has gone beyond what we were expecting.

The business works like a seven-day a week business sentinel. Working with auction companies, real estate firms, and estate professionals, it has the “Waffle House” effect, where it is always open.

Suppose you are a client who needs to sell a limited partnership – usually because of a need for cash due to one of the three D’s – death, divorce or financial disability. And in some cases, retirement of one of the partners.

After you contact Black River Property Advisors and they will ask specific questions to give you several different potential solutions to your problem. Once a solution is selected, we list the properties for sale in any of the many systems we have. Personal Property, Real Estate, specialty properties can all be sold through the multiple different solutions available.

During the period that it is listed, BRPA members around the nation can place offers on your property. All of which are considered silent offers. Although the prices listed are public, the potential buyers themselves remain anonymous during this time. At the end of the period, you can accept or reject the highest offers. Should you accept it, BRPA handles the paperwork and gets a percentage of the sale, marketing fees, and labor fees.

Website: https://blackriverpa.com