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Museum of Flight Celebrates the Wright Spirit

On Dec. 17, the Museum turns back the clock to that day in 1903 for an all-day celebration of the anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first powered flight. The Wright Spirit event includes live music from the period, Wright-themed family workshops, and presentations by Wright Flyer pilot Kevin Kochersberger and hang glider pilot Paul Dees. Families will enjoy a presentation and book signing with Ben Thompson, children’s author of Wright Brothers: Nose Diving into History. The activities wrap with a screening of the documentary, Return to Kittyhawk – 100 Years of Flight. Programs 11 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. and free with Museum admission.

Kevin Kochersberger—Currently a Research Associate Professor at Virginia Tech, Kochersberger flew a sister ship of the Museum’s Wright Flyer replica for the centennial celebration of the Wrights’ 1903 flight. He is a leading expert of the design, construction and piloting of the Wright Flyer, and is currently involved in novel aerial robotic applications and morphing wing aircraft designs.

Paul Dees—Engineer and hang glider pilot Paul Dees built and flew The Museum of Flight’s full-scale replica of the 1896 Herring-Chanute glider that influenced the Wrights.

Ben Thompson–Thompson is the author of a dozen books on various historical subjects including the Guts & Glory series, and the Epic Fails series that includes Wright Brothers: Nose Diving into History. He has also appeared on television programs for the History Channel, Discovery, and the American Heroes Channel.

For Museum information, please call 206-764-5720 or visit www.museumofflight.org

Ethel Roosevelt Derby seated at the controls of the Wright Type A aircraft, April 27, 1910. The Manny Gorin Wright Brothers Collection/The Museum of Flight.