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First Job Board for Cloud Computing Professionals

Cloudy Jobs offers the world’s only job-board service designed expressly for cloud careers.

With featured employers including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Cloud Protectors, and Oracle, Cloudy Jobs is fast becoming the first stop for talented software engineers, architects, account executives, and a huge range of other professionals looking to advance their careers in cloud computing or get their foot in the door.

Nevertheless, job listings are just the beginning. Cloudy Jobs features nuanced job alerts, resume-writing support, and guest blog posting by industry professional and a rich library of resources for job seekers and employers alike. All of these tools combine to make Cloudy Jobs the #1 source for cloud computing jobs and talent.

“In a rapidly growing market like cloud computing, it can be difficult for job seekers to find the right opportunities,” notes Cloudy Jobs President Bill Johnson, “and just as difficult for employers to hire with confidence. That’s why we launched Cloudy Jobs not just as another job-posting site but also as a hub of information that helps the right employees find the right employers.

“That’s why we’re happy to have published so many insightful articles by talented writers from both sides of the hiring equation. The content we’ve built around our job board gives each listing extra resonance, and helps ensure that when employers see our name on a cover letter, they know that they’re reviewing an application from an informed, diligent applicant.”

To start the next step in your cloud computing career, or to inquire about publishing on Cloudy Jobs, please visit https://cloudyjobs.com, or contact [email protected] or 800-544-3492.