Celgene to present at the Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Congress to be held in London

782ae02c-99c1-4b85-926b-0869a346c7672 April 2015: Developments in cancer diagnosis and therapy have been significant in the last few years; however, cancer is still one of the leading causes of deaths globally. According to IARC-WHO, there were 8.2 million deaths in 2012 and this number is expected to go up by 70% in the next two decades. Markets and Markets Conferences with an aim to bring global cancer experts together under one roof will be organizing Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Congress that will be held on 3 – 4 September 2015 in London, UK.

Prof. Stefan Gluck – Vice President, Global Medical Affairs; Breast, Ovarian Cancer, Immunotherapy at Celgene – USA is one of the key speakers at the congress. He will be presenting on Immuno-Oncology: New Developments in Solid Tumor therapy delving into topics such as impact of MoA on solid tumors, check point regulation and understanding roles of Tregs among others.

Talking about the latest developments in solid tumor therapy, Prof. Gluck said, “Solid Tumor Systemic Therapy was dominated over several decades by cytotoxic chemotherapy. Only few selected tumors were treated with targeted therapy e.g., anti-hormone approaches if estrogen receptor was identified as a biological target and later on with human epidermal growth factor receptors as targets. Only occasionally immunotherapy in the form of vaccination was available. Recently through better molecular understanding of the immune system, immuno therapy has begun to emerge and now there are several compounds in the market”. He further added, “These treatments helped in two ways to improve outcome in some selected solid tumors; prolonging effect of treatment including survival and reducing or avoiding toxicity of cytotoxic therapy”.

The two day congress will also cover topics such as integration of irreversible electroporation with chemotherapy in the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic carcinoma, NGS and bioinformatics for cancer immunotherapies, electrochemical biosensors for prostate cancer diagnosis, bio banking international harmonization and globalization and the role of protein homeostasis in the genesis of cancer.

Speakers at the congress are representing organizations such as Agenus & 4-Antibody AG – Switzerland, European Society of Surgical Oncologists – UK, Imperial College London – UK, Wolfgang Goethe-University – Germany, Queen’s University Belfast – UK, University of Leicester – UK, The British Association for Cancer Research – UK, APeX Disease Research Institute – USA, Valdarno Hospital – Italy, Foundation for Collaborative Medicine and Research – USA, University of Buenos Aires – Argentina, British Association of Surgical Oncology – UK and Nanomerics Ltd – UK.

Bringing together more than 150 experts from industry, research laboratories, hospitals, device and diagnostic manufacturers and academia in the field of cancer research, the congress will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with industry peers and share experiences.